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And the Anime is...

Gankutsuou Stamp by Whore-EaterGankutsuou Stamp by AnimeGirlMika

I just got done watching the Gankustou: The Count of Monte Cristo and I immensely enjoyed myself and didn't expect to find my evasive Muse again. I have a LOT to say about it, but since I want to focus on what I have written I'm just going to point out the major points that I think I should cover.

1. The Story. As Count of Monte Cristo was my Dad's favorite story, he and I made it our goal to see the different forms it had taken, from a cartoon in the 70's by Hanna Barbera -which introduced my Dad and me to the tale- to the 2002 movie starring Jim Caviezel as the Count and Richard Harris (RIP) as Abbe Faria, and seeing bits of the 30's edition with Robert Donat as the Count from V for Vendetta, to finally having read the original novel by Alexandre Dumas, which now leads me to the 2004 Japanese animated series produced by GONZO -the same company that brought us Trinity Blood. Out of all the versions I have seen this one by far is the most faithful to the original novel by Dumas with a few changes but with three major changes. The first change consisted of with the changing of the POV as the tale was from the Count's perspective in the novel, now it's from Albert de Moncerf's POV, the second change is the certain individual the Count meets in the Chateau d'If before becoming the Count and the final change was the ending of the story NO SPOILERS both the novel and anime have bittersweet endings but both are of a different kind of bittersweet ending. The changes work in some cases and they develop the characters in interesting and compelling ways, but being That Gal I'm more of a Stay True to Form type, but overall it worked. And from this perspective it shows the audience what the Count's revenge had in store for not just the three individuals he sought revenge on, but how his choice to pursue it impacted the rest of their families, something that was shown and brought up in the Dumas novel but far more expanded in the Anime.

2. The Count. As he is the titular character I had high expectations for his portrayal. However, unlike the novel where it was told from the Count's POV, now its instead told from Albert's POV who was semi-major character in the Dumas novel. This change in POV shows the different sides of the Count, from the charming aristocratic mask, to compelling anti-hero and also the dark villainous antagonist. In my opinion the Count couldn't have been portrayed any better and fulfills my expectations perfectly for him, he is complex, cunning, charming and everything that I expected to find within the character of the Count.

3. The Animation. While I'm not a fan of Photoshop texture animation, the anime made it work in terms of the costumes of the characters, and it worked beautifully in the case of all the Count's costumes, along with Haidee's and Eugenie's respective opera dresses in episode 6-7 and episode 11, but greatly irritated my eyes in Albert's PIRATE! costume in episode 5 and in some of the other costumes in the Anime, but I'm not going into specifics. However the city of Paris has one phrase to best describe how I felt about the animation of that place... Madames et Monsieurs, Welcome to the Mind***k.

4. The Music. While I wasn't too keen on the opening song "We Were Lovers" by Jean-Jacques Burnel, the ending song "You Won't See Me Coming" by aforementioned singer was great. I also loved Kasamatsu Kouji's composed music he had made, particularly the Italian guitar riff that played whenever either feelings of revenge were being hinted at or an important event was happening. I wont deny it that I waited every episode to hear that. Plus the use of the song "Il Dolche Suono" my favorite opera aria that played in the first episode (and whenever a character had a mental breakdown) at the opera house on Luna immediately had me saying "Oh Sweet Primus, that's it, I don't care what comes of it, I am watching this anime to the end." If you guys don't know it, it's this famous song from Fifth Element:

So all in all it was a great anime, and now definitely one of my favorites next to Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Trinity Blood. It is definitely worth a watch, mind watch your eyes as the animation can get jarring and garish sometimes, but the story and the Count will continue compel me to watch this anime again.

Also after watching that WatchMojo Top Ten Anime Vampires list and seeing an unexpected ad for Trinity Blood in the aforementioned anime, I feel like the Universe is giving me a 2x4 knock at my door saying "Start writing TBR again, NOW." And since then I have been devoting myself to my Muse like ETA Hoffmann did in Les Contes D'Hoffmann, I have begun writing the revamp. I have three chapters in the works plus a re-written complete Prologue. Plus as a treat for my readers/watchers I decided that I'm going to give a sneak peek for what's in store with my new revamped edition. So without further ado:

Another cold gush of wind came against him, jarring him from his reverie in that moment. His gaze then fell upon the metallic sepulcher of ruin that had witnessed the creation of his youngest sibling.

The sight of it angered and disgusted him to no end. Those men of science had the gall to believe that they do as they pleased with life. Never did they look at their creations and see humans; they saw specimens perfect for experimentation and to proclaim their vanity of having created the “Perfect Being,” and to force a child as young as his sister to endure such a fate…

He had to end these harsh thoughts running through his conscious mind. He was here for a purpose; the priest knew that
he would have dared to come here in an attempt to revive himself so he could continue his sick twisted plans concerning everything and everyone that Abel Nightroad loved.

Closing his eyes and exhaling a smoky breath, Father Nightroad began to cross the threshold of ice and snow towards his goal. The severe winds and their icy chill biting at the flesh of his face, the gale winging out his cassock like the black wings he had concealed within himself.

After his first of many steps to the ancient lab he turned to face his hooded companion. The cloak that adorned the young nobleman blended with the snow and ice around him to the point of transparency.

“So this is the Lost Continent of America. I knew not to expect much but I didn’t foresee that all the legends surrounding this place would be proven false,” the young lord observed.

“What legends were those?” the priest inquired.

“Many of them consisted of tales of cities of glass and metal rising above the clouds, filled with such luminescent light that they blotted out even the stars themselves. Yet it appears all that is left is but remnants of their former state,” Ion Fortuna stated.

So what you ya think? Leave a comment below.
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